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21/B, London Campus British Road,Birmingham, UK

Facilitation and Event Design

Creating events to support learning, engagement and action.


Coaching and workshops to improve performance.

Nothing is Written

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We've worked with a huge range of organisations all over the world, from Scotland to the Solomon Islands.

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We share over 40 years' experience working with individuals and groups.

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Our 75-page book for training facilitators is free to download.

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Nothing is Written

Let’s create more engaging training that plays to human strengths. We share eight simple ideas …

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Videos on conversations

We’re really interested in difficult conversations, and helping people get better at having them. We …

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Difficult conversations

We offer workshops and one-to-one coaching for people who want to get better at difficult …

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The pressure to conform

Solomon Asch carried out some classic experiments in the 60s to explore how peer-pressure affects …

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Action, or just theatre?

The guys at PSFK are running an article by Johnnie about what we call action theatre. Meetings …