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Facilitation & Event Design

We help our clients create events that genuinely engage people.

• Conferences
• Management awaydays
• Team building
• Retreats
• Workshops

We’ve worked around the world, from San Francisco to the Solomon Islands, to help many diverse clients get better results.

Here are some of the guiding principles in our work:

Effective engagement

Too much time gets wasted replicating the misery of schooldays for participants. Long, boring powerpoint presentations are a poor way to create a stimulating learning experience. We use a range of creative techniques to help people understand and engage with the things you need them to learn.

Wise action

We’ve all been frustrated in meetings that go round and round in circles but never seem to get anywhere. But most of us have also been to meetings where a long list of actions is allegedly agreed… but mysteriously, nothing much happens afterwards. We aim for what we call “wise action” where there is greater honesty so that real progress can be made.

Power, not powerpoint

Too many events reduce participants to passive listeners. We’re interested in approaches that give them real power to shape their experiences so that they are truly engaged in the process.

SONY DSCAliveness

It costs a huge amount of time and money to get a group of people in a room together. Don’t waste the investment doing things that could be done more efficiently by other means. Instead of shovelling content at people, make the meeting less predictable and more human.

Feedback and actions

Getting feedback, reporting and action planning all need to be done in ways that genuinely engage participants.

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Come to our Residential Workshop 31 August – 2 September, Cambridge

fcoverOur free 75 page book explains our approach in more detail

“Facilitating an international group of activists for four days running is a tough gig. But Johnnie did a terrific job, with good humour, humility and enthusiasm. The feedback from participants was resoundingly positive. And I’m really looking forward to working with him again at our next summit.” Becky Jarvis, European Director, Open Progressive Engagement Network

“Viv: you were awesome! The best facilitator ever. Period! You can quote me on that :)” Magnus M. Conteh, Health Programme Coordinator, World Vision


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