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Free Book

Creative Facilitation is based on our experiences around the world and was orginally written to support our training workshops.

spread3We’re giving it away, because that sits well with our philosophy of collaboration and connecting with people.

“It covers everything I would have said; and being honest, loads more. It made me think hard about some things I know I don’t do so well and identified others I haven’t thought of at all. It is hugely practical and covers both the basics and more advanced stuff. It is short, easy to read and free.” – Mark Foden, Foden Grealy

The book is divided into five parts:

Part One: Why Facilitation?

We explore the impact of facilitation and facilitators on groups, the qualities that make for good facilitators and some of the underlying philosophy that underpins our approach.

fcoverPart Two: Workshop Basics

The foundations of facilitating workshops.

Part Three: Beyond the Basics

…is about providing an understanding of how to engage people and use different approaches.

Part Four: Creative Facilitation

…explores some of the knowledge and understanding that helps facilitators step into complex, and sometimes difficult, situations.

Part Five: Resources

…provides suggestions for developing your own “toolkit” with what you learn from experience as well as useful links, resources and other information.

It’s available free in three different formats – as a pdf, as a Kindle book or in ePub format for readers like Kobo.

To get your free copy, just complete the form. We’ll add you to our mailing list for occasional updates on our work. You can unsubscribe any time.

Why are we giving this away?

There are lots of reasons. By talking about our work, we hope to provoke conversations that will help us improve our practice. We wanted to make this resource easily available to people coming to our training workshops – that way we can use time on these creating engaging learning experiences, rather than delivering content.


Just complete the form to download your copy

Paid Printed Version

You can get a printed, coil bound version of our book from Lulu. It costs £15 that way. Click here for the Lulu version.